Friday, July 26, 2019

Technology Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 9

Technology - Essay Example In case the private body functions in a public capacity and it is owned, controlled and funded by the state, then it should be considered as a public body. However, a private corporation is subject to the FOIA request when they utilize public funding under the conditions that the entity performs the functions of the government, government is involved in regulation, and when the entity is formed by the government. Also, the federal standards should not be used in determining the public funding by the private corporation, and the criteria by FOIL should come into play in matters related to the functioning of the private agency (Halstuk & Bill, 2006). The traditional privatization approaches of the public services can be approached in a perspective which considers government as hierarchical and ineffective, and that it involves both benefits and difficulties while importing efficiency and flexibility in the corporate world to provide for the public services. Bring the for-profit corporation to the delivery of the traditional government services is contentious. Some of the questions that may arise are whether the state can be sued along the private corporation and whether the government actors are entitled to immunities. The two partnerships can be of considerable legal work and to untangle. Youth detention centers and private prisons are under control of the government entities, such that more money is realized by having more inmates (Silverman, 2007). On the other hand, the economic difficulties facing the private sector in using the public funds for the non-traditional services is caused by the reassessment of the priorities for county and municipal governments. Government is faced with problems when trying to balance services to the community and the declining tax revenues (Halstuk & Bill, 2006). Fraud, waste, abuse and corruption are problems in government programs. FWAC in small businesses led to Nancy Pelosi, who was the house speaker instructed

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