Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Body language within the counselling forum and its implications Thesis

Body language within the counselling forum and its implications - Thesis Example What cues are and how researchers have thrashed out issues in counseling have been discussed. The significance of body language and how interpretations are made by the counselor are also discussed. The counselling profession for exceptional mental health needs shows an emerging trend on a global scale which has given shape to international counselling (Hohenshil 2010 p.3). Though found only in the US at one point of time, counselling has spread its wings to an international level. Developing tailored counselling programs is a challenge in itself. Political orientation does not influence this practice of counselling. Whatever the politics of a region, the positive mental health is a priceless social and economic asset (Hohenshil 2010 p 3). Advanced counseling systems with professional associations, armed with good credentials, highly qualified trained counsellors and unique counselling programs which produce the maximum positive results are a blessing to a nation. The multi-cultural diversity would require that programs are modified according to the needs of the local community. Diversity is seen in the national histories, social orientation (whether collectivistic or individua listic) and in different economic situations and political settings (Hohenshil 2010 p 3). Every field of practice has been developed to include counselling. Schools have counselling for their children who need help when they become backward in studies or have some issues with teachers and other students. Professional counsellors may need to have training if they have to cope with new situations. The counselling profession is in a different developmental stage in different countries. Progress is occurring at a fast pace (Hohenshil 2010 p 3). Body language or nonverbal communication constitutes a major component of counseling. Studying nonverbal communication is simulated to a treasure hunt without a map or tools

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