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Darwin Vs. Pearson Essay Example For Students

Darwin Vs. Pearson Essay The writing of Charles Darwin focuses on the concept of natural selection and its implications on the human race. Darwin understands that allowing weaker people to pass on their genetic shortcomings will ultimately prove to be detrimental. People should have the same reproductive rights and opportunities as all other people. The writing of Karl Pearson also focuses on natural selection and its implications upon the human race. Pearson, however, believes that the weaker people of society should be forced to die off so as not to pass on their genetic malfeasance. Darwin and Pearson agree on the process of natural selection but disagree on how society should utilize the knowledge gained from understanding natural selection.Darwin Pearson both believe that left unchecked the human race would evolve positively by not allowing unfit people to reproduce. Darwin says, With savages, the weak in body or mind are soon eliminated; and those that survive commonly exhibit a vigorous state of health. Darwin believes that people, without the constraints of society, would allow the weaker elements of their offspring to die off without reproducing. Since people operate in a civilized society, they must tolerate the people who are weaker than they are, even if it is a detriment to society at large, We must therefore bear the undoubtedly bad effects of the weak surviving and propagating their kind. Karl Pearson believes that the knowledge gained from understanding natural selection should be utilized to stop the human race from declining, I want you to see selection as something which renders the inexorable law of heredity a source of progress, which produces the good through suffering, an infinitely greater good which far outbalances the very obvious pain and evil. Pearson believes that even though it will be hard to do, society must stop allowing inferior people to reproduce. The principle of natural selection is what Darwin and Pearson share in common. The differences between the two authors are very clear. Darwin believes that the goodness of man is more important than the preservation of his gene pool while Pearson believes it will be to societies benefit to let the unfit dye out of the human population.

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Young Americans And The Role They Play free essay sample

Essay, Research Paper Ever since the United States decided to hold a president, there has ever been controversy on how to elect the right leader of our state. We will be looking at the makings such as: achievements, experiences in instruction, authorities, military, political and universe positions, and character needed in a individual to be the best leader possible to stand for this state. What makings should be used in electing a president? There are many makings that should be met in order to be elected the president. He/she must hold a good educational background, show grounds of achievements, experience in authorities and military, policy expertness, and he/she must hold good character. Accomplishments and experience are two of import makings to look for in a presidential campaigner. He/she must hold a good educational background to be able to take our whole state. Everyday he/she would be confronting legion jobs and obstructions. We will write a custom essay sample on Young Americans And The Role They Play or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page The president must cognize the smartest thing to make in every state of affairs. They must cognize the difference between declarations that last short sums of clip and 1s that will go on to assist our state far into the hereafter. A presidential campaigner must besides demo grounds of achievements throughout their life and most significantly have experience in the authorities. Experience in military is besides a large advantage in a campaigner. They # 8217 ; vitamin Ds have knowledge and experience in state of affairss of war if it were to originate. These accomplishments in a president would greatly help him/her to make a better occupation running the state. Probably the most controversial quality a president could hold would hold to be his/her political positions on our state, along with the function it plays with the remainder of the universe. When a campaigner speaks about how he/she is traveling to alter the state, the audience can do or interrupt the campaigner. Even though there is traveling to be some people that don # 8217 ; t agree with what the president says, the bulk of the people agree on certain issues that the president focuses on. The campaigner should hold cognition on what the public wants and their sentiments on the universe, but should besides maintain their positions as near to their ain as possible. Along with concentrating on our ain state # 8217 ; s jobs he/she must besides concentrate on what is traveling on around the universe and how it will or may impact our ain state. The candidat vitamin E must be able to convert the populace that he/she can decide our country’s jobs and better it in any manner possible. Even though character may non be the most of import quality the citizens of this state have made electing a president into a popularity competition. What truly should number though is the campaigner # 8217 ; s true character instead than how the public perceives him/her. So how would you cognize a campaigner # 8217 ; s true character without really cognizing them personally? I feel the best opinion of character comes from cognition of their yesteryear. Some good things to aide you with this cognition would be how the campaigner did in school, what they did with their lives, how they get along with household members and friends, and their willingness to assist others. Fictional character to me is the qualities that make up a individual, good and bad. If a individual inspires to go president his/her character should dwell of many good qualities. A leader should be honest, caring but besides rigorous, loyal, he/she must put a good illustration for people to follow, aspiration and desi re to better our state in any manner possible, and he/she must be moral and ethical. Those are merely a few features needed in a individual if they are to do a good president. For illustration, our current president Clinton, in my sentiment has been a good 1. He has done many things to better our state and as president for eight old ages he # 8217 ; s gotten a batch done. However as a consequence of some bad character picks he is likely disliked by most of the populace and will be looked back at as a gag to our state. Good character is an of import value and it should play a portion in the elector # 8217 ; s determination. Though it shouldn # 8217 ; t be the determinant factor. The subjects I # 8217 ; ve discussed in this paper are all really of import factors in finding who the best president would be, but in my sentiment the most of import issue to establish our determination on is how the campaigner feels about political issues confronting our state. This is the topic we should be establishing most of our determination on, non who # 8217 ; s the most popular. Most significantly we need to cognize and hold faith that the individual whom we elect to be president will be the right pick. Hopefully we choose the 1 that will do the right determinations to better our state and do it a better topographic point. Sometimes you have to look at non merely the character of the campaigners but besides the character of the people who are electing our president.

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Resistant Strains of HIV essays

Resistant Strains of HIV essays You are coughing, sneezing, have a runny nose and your body aches. Most of us have had the flu and know exactly the symptoms I am speaking of. Well, what if you went to your doctor and were treated with antibiotics and such, but just didn't get well. Would you think twice about it? Would you wonder what was wrong with you? Or would you blow it off as a bad flu season? Stephen Marcus, a 25 year old male from Los Angeles, blew it off. He didn't think twice about it. Didn't really know any better. Stephen wasn't suffering from the flu, though. After three months of this "cold," as he called it, Stephen was finally diagnosed with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS. This isn't the worst of Stephen's story, though. After following the highly complex triple-therapy drug regimen, otherwise know as a "cocktail" for six months, Stephen's condition was not improving. He returned to his doctor only to find out that he had been exposed to a virus that was resistant to the now traditional drug cocktail therapy. According to the Journal of the American Medical Association, March 14, 2001, approximately 14% of newly infected people are infected by a strain of the virus that is already resistant to one or more of the antiretroviral drugs. Today I will educate you on the topic of HIV, more specifically, these drug resistant strains. I will begin by telling you what causes resistance to the antiretroviral drugs. I will then illustrate how these strains are effecting treatments of HIV patients, and will finish by informing you of the Center for Disease Controls plan to keep new infections from increasing in America. There are several ways resistant strains of HIV can form. Because the virus reproduces so rapidly mistakes, called mutations, are common. Most of these mutations during replication cause the virus particle to become so weak that it cant reproduce. Those mutated strains do not pose any harm. Other mutations, though, can make ...

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Presentar moción para reabrir un caso de deportación

Presentar mocià ³n para reabrir un caso de deportacià ³n La mocià ³n para reabrir un caso es una posibilidad que las leyes de inmigracià ³n permiten para luchar una orden de deportacià ³n en circunstancias concretà ­simas. Requisitos previos para poder presentar una mocià ³n para reabrir un caso Tiene que haber una orden de deportacià ³n.El extranjero contra el que se ordena la deportacià ³n tiene que estar presente en Estados Unidos. Si deja el paà ­s, voluntariamente o forzosamente, la mocià ³n se considera abandonada. Tampoco aplica si el extranjero salià ³ de Estados Unidos y despuà ©s regresà ³ ilegalmente.  ¿Cules son las circunstancias que permiten que pueda presentarse una mocià ³n para reabrir un caso? Para que una mocià ³n para reabrir un caso ya sentenciado y que acabà ³ con un orden de deportacià ³n sea admitida debe alegarse: a) ha habido un cambio en la ley o pueden aplicarse argumentos legales que no se tuvieron en cuenta b) no se tuvieron en consideracià ³n ciertos aspectos del caso. Como ejemplos, aunque hay ms, pueden nombrarse: Cuando se puede alegar circunstancias como tener derecho a una green card por matrimonio con un ciudadano americano o residente, empleo, TPS, etc.Cuando se aprueba una ley de inmigracià ³n que favorecerà ­a al extranjero.Cuando el abogado que defendià ³ al extranjero en el caso de deportacià ³n no fue profesional y no tuvo en cuenta plazos, notificaciones, argumentos legales, etc.  ¿Cul es el plazo para presentar una mocià ³n para reabrir? El plazo es de 30 dà ­as pero se computa de manera diferente si la decisià ³n de la deportacià ³n procede de un juez de inmigracià ³n o del tribunal de apelaciones (BIA, por sus siglas en inglà ©s). En casos especiales en los que la deportacià ³n se ordenà ³ in abstentia, es decir, sin que el extranjero afectado estuviese presente, podrà ­a reabrise el caso incluso aà ±os ms tarde si se puede probar que no se enterà ³ de que tuviese en su contra esa orden de deportacià ³n y que no fue su culpa la razà ³n por la que no acudià ³ a la vista en la que se ordenà ³ su expulsià ³n del paà ­s. Por ejemplo, si puede demostrar que nunca recibià ³ la citacià ³n, o que estaba muy enfermo y por esa razà ³n no acudià ³. Por ejemplo, hay personas que llevan aà ±os en Estados Unidos como indocumentadas y sin enterarse que tienen en su contra una orden de deportacià ³n. Y puede que algunos de ellos con el paso de los aà ±os se casen con un ciudadano o con un residente y podrà ­an tener abierta la puerta a obtener una tarjeta de residencia por matrimonio. En estos casos habrà ­a que considerar muy seriamente con un abogado de inmigracià ³n si es posible reabrir el caso de la orden de deportacià ³n de la que durante aà ±os no supieron ni que existà ­a. En todo caso, estos asuntos son delicadà ­simos y antes de hacer nada, presentar escritos o acudir a una oficina de inmigracià ³n es muy recomendable obtener buen consejo legal especà ­fico para el caso de cada uno y averigà ºar si hay o no una orden de deportacià ³n en contra.  ¿Cà ³mo se solicita una mocià ³n para reabrir un caso? Con el formulario del Servicio de Inmigracià ³n y Ciudadanà ­a (USCIS, por sus siglas en inglà ©s) con el nà ºmero I-290B. El arancel por este servicio es de $630. Para asegurarse de que el USCIS ha recibido la documentacià ³n dentro de plazo puede solicitarse ese servicio. Consecuencias Es muy importante entender que la presentacià ³n dentro de plazo de una mocià ³n para reabrir un caso no paraliza la orden de deportacià ³n, que sigue su curso. Excepto que asà ­ lo decida el juez de inmigracià ³n. Lo que sà ­ la paraliza es una apelacià ³n. Nada impide presentarla junto con la mocià ³n.  ¿Quà © pasa si no se tiene razà ³n? Sà ³lo en algunos casos es posible apelar la desestimacià ³n de una mocià ³n para reabrir.    ¿Se puede suspender temporalmente la deportacià ³n? Si se han agotado todos los caminos para luchar contra una orden de deportacià ³n y es necesario ms tiempo por razones personales graves y justificadas entonces es posible solicitar una suspensià ³n o aplazamiento temporal de la deportacià ³n. Es lo que se conoce en inglà ©s como stay of deportation or removal.

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Creating a Flowchart Design for the Validation Check Process Lab Report

Creating a Flowchart Design for the Validation Check Process - Lab Report Example Input validation check may either use blacklisting approach or white-listing approach. White-listing allows programmer to define the data that should be accepted in an entry while blacklisting does the opposite. That is, a blacklist approach defines a set of ‘known bad inputs’ that should not be accepted as an input whereas a white-list defines a set of known good inputs. Using the two approaches, one of the input checks may be application of a white-list. The auditor may consider checking the accepted data types in each entry. For example in the access routine number to payroll by the operator, one may specify that the input must consider of letters, special characters such as dollar sign and numbers. Since it acts like a password, the combination ensures security when it comes to accessibility (Nick, 2003). Additionally, employees’ number inputs may be restricted to letters and numbers only e.g kw997836. Besides, another input validation check to consider is canonicalization of all inputs. This involves reducing data received to its simplest form. Simplifying one input may facilitate bypassing of validation functions. Thus canonicalization ensures that any malicious user do not bypass the validation function (Nick, 2003). Last but not least, one may consider creating checks for the system content. Check for content specifies the maximum and minimum lengths of entries and probably the syntax. For example, in the employees’ number input slot, one may specify that the letters comes before numbers and the maximum number of characters is 6. The specification ensures that a malicious user does not paste several input data in the entry (Nick,

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Business Aspects of Management Accounting Essay

Business Aspects of Management Accounting - Essay Example Thus the strategic management accounting techniques developed to provide business solutions and assist the management in taking strategic decisions. Cost management techques of SMA- ABC costing which focuses on the cost associated with activities which are the cause of indirect costs, their management so as to achieve competitive advantage, Life Cycle costing; This tries to trace the cost of a product from its inception, growth, maturity and delcline,thus give a broad long term view to the management from marketing perspective. Quality costing; the costs which arise due to quality control, quality failure prevention, quality achievement etc. These costs are considered essential these days as quality of a product sets the survival benchmark for any brand. Strategic Costing; the wholistic view of the band position and market pentration strategy is kept as the prime focus under this for competitive positioning and marketing. Target Costing; thorough analysis of how much profit can be supported by the market and refining the product design to ensure that the target profit is achieved. Thus external environment affects its outcome tr emendously. Value chain costing; The cost under this is supposed to include all activites from the design of the product to its distribution. It strategically considers companies likages with external entities ie. vendors and customers to bring in economies of scale resulting in greater efficiency. All these costing techniques help the management in its strategic decision making process be it for curtaing inefficienct activities or designing a product for specific target market. Performance Appraisal techniqes-Bench marking- this is a technique wherein best practices are identified and internal position is then evaluated against the idenfiied practices so as to bring about improvement in the processes and systems. This techniqe considers competitiors' practices and so is externally oriented. Integrated performance measurement- An integrated approach to performance appraisal which considers both financial and non financial measures. It is considered a balance approach and its role in strategic planning is important. Customer Accounting; this practice appraises cost, sales or profit by considering customer or customer segments as the base for accounting analysis. It is considered a relational marketing analysis tool. Competitor analysis- Competitive position monitoring; the monitoring is done by benchmarking various heads like, unit cost, market share, product mix and volume of competitors and plotting own data against it. These help in quick evaluation against main competitors and devise a game plan for future course of action. Competitor Cost Assessment; this is a variation of the earlier technique and focuses on cost patterns of competitors. The source of information is considered dubious like, ex-employees, common vendors or even close observation. Competitor Performance Appraisal based on public finacial statement; it is a fairly straight

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International Business Entry Case Study Essay Example for Free

International Business Entry Case Study Essay High turnover. Small companies tend to have a small structure, then job opportunities are few, which force employees to change job. Poor customer service. Distributors mostly only care about selling off a product, then they direct customers with Microsoft. The main problem is that Microsoft Customer service is focused on developed countries, where the needs and tools are greatly different. In some cases the technical service is non-existent, heavily hurting the image of the company, not the distributor. Poor input for further developing products. If all the deployment and input is being done and received by a distributor, then it is most likely that the information will never reach Microsofts engineering department. Without that knowledge products will stall for that particular market in a short period of time, inflicting loses in the long run for the company. 2. Are there countries where Microsoft’s strategy might not work? Why? Small countries with an unique language possibly are the toughest. Microsoft strategy mean that while local partners are relied to market the products, Microsoft is still in charge of the code and language. In that regard Microsoft is very vulnerable to small IT companies that develop solutions for their language. With small partners, it is easy for local developers to attract those distribution channels for their own product, therefore using Microsofts resources and know-how to make profit out of other products, making Microsoft lose money. 3. What other kinds of businesses might find Microsoft’s strategy to be effective? Please explain. Car manufacturers. They basically operate the same scheme with distributors. When a cars manufacturer enter a new country most times they give the concession to sell the cars to a local person or company. Almost entirely those distributors operate in a very small area. The manufacturer covers Marketing and promotion, while the distributor has to develop their sales only in their area. 4. How might Microsoft need to change its strategy once it has established a strong position in a foreign market? They need to deploy a strong services net. They need to be in constant contact with customers in order to assure that they meet their current and future needs. They need to deploy training facilities for their products in order to have a strong pool of expertise from where enterprises can nurture in order to keep fidelity with the products. They need to partner with high profile local companies to develop solutions in order to gain traction in the country. 5. Describe how host governments might react to Microsofts entry strategy? Governments usually react in a good way. The way Microsoft do business benefit host countries a lot, since it creates a lot of jobs for the locals. Nonetheless there might be some countries who could think that Microsoft is a danger for their local IT industry. In those cases their strategy also soften their position a lot, since the entry in indirect. Reference Glusing, J. (2006, June 1). The third world goes high-tech: The dirt road to the information superhighway. Spiegel. Retrieved from http://www. spiegel. de/international/spiegel/the-third-world-goes-high-tech-the-dirt-road-to-the-information-superhighway-a-419034. html