Thursday, July 25, 2019

Electronic Health Records Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Electronic Health Records - Research Paper Example As data accumulates over long periods, a database is established; which can be used in epidemiological studies. This is crucial for development of policies that affect the healthcare industry. The data generated by the electronic health records is vital in order to determine emerging trends in health care and predict possible outbreaks in the future. The data in the EHRs can also be used to monitor provision of health care to the public, by ensuring that a standardized protocol is used to deal with all similar clinical presentations. The government can also utilize the data in the EHRs system to coordinate emergency efforts and assess the situation at the basic level of healthcare facilities. This ensures government involvement and facilitates population-level healthcare management.Electronic health records increase efficiency at all levels of healthcare provision. With efficiency, wastage of resources such as equipment, ideas, and energy, is radically cut back. The use of EHRs is a crucial means of enhancing the efficiency of healthcare professionals and reduces the administrative and labor costs associated with health care delivery and financing. With increased efficiency, there is a reduced cost of running healthcare facilities since there is minimal wastage of resources. Concerning wastage of resources, manual records require human resources to run them by operating the archives and pulling out files. The use of electronic medical records cuts back on employment of excess staff required for jobs that can be easily automated.

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