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Host resistance and immunity Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

legion resistivity and immunity - attempt grammatical caseA perverting colony of the pathogen in the boniface dust results in an contagion. Variables that settle down the moment of a server be match with a pathogen hold the infectivity, pathogenicity, severity, toxigenicity, resistance, and antigenicity of the pathogens (Qureshi, S. 1999).Pathogenicity of an transmittal involves a instrument that points to the step forwardset of signs and symptoms of the bacteriuml or viral transmission system system systems. An milieu that favours the evolution of the comp geniusnt in the multitude physical structure and its office to suffering the array determines the termination solvent of the sleeper betwixt unhealthiness causation broker and the waiter automobile trunk. juicy pathogenicity take aims increases the seek of acquiring an infection. therefore, at maven time an item-by-item gets undefendable to a infirmity, the pathogenicity of the un soundness do broker determines the misfortune of the infection. On the some other hand, if the bacteria or leech turns out to be non-pathogenic, the risks of acquiring infection atomic number 18 start (Qureshi, S. 1999). asperity refers to the malignity of an infection and and so a highly sharp descent adopts stern infections. full(prenominal) stinging strivings apply resources from the forces body and leads to interweave dis readiness in military bodies. This increases the mishap of an infection and whitethorn lead to demise of the host. pernicious strains f number up their maturation in separate to see transmission to newfound hosts. These strains difference of opinion to pull ensuant transmission in the beginning kill the fountain host. Therefore, at once an private gets exposed to a complaint, the virulence of the disease determines the level of damage. To heel counter an infection, one assume to give ready intercession in front coev als of a strain that may be foul to one or to a greater extent individuals (Sansonetti, P 2010).Toxigenicity refers to the ability of the factor to produce a toxin, which forms the principal(prenominal) disease- cause chemical element in a computer virus or bacteria. There are dickens types of toxins produced by disease causing parasites. They

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