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Nine Topics on Finance and Accounting Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

Nine Topics on Finance and Accounting - Essay Example The service providers are in tie-up with the hospital for usage of their products. The hospital also receives grants, accreditations, certifications from various organizations. However the main source of revenue can be accounted to the fees received from the patients. The various expenses incurred by the organization lies in the staffing. The hospital has a considerable strength of manpower which includes Doctors, Nurses, Technicians, Pathologist, Clerical staff, and other support staffs. The hospital also spends a considerable amount of money behind installation of latest technological equipment for providing world class facilities for its patient. It also has to maintain a high level of cleanliness and hygiene as it is one of the important issues. King Abdulaziz, medical city does not concentrate on profit making. The hospital focuses on the quality of health care and looks to provide the best of services to the patients. It thrives to provide relief to the ailment in the best poss ible ways. According to respondent 1, King Abdulaziz, medical city also looks after profit making. It has to maintain a profit margin as without profit it cannot look to provide the best of services and would have stopped its operation because of shortage of capital, which is contrary to my view mentioned. Topic 2: King Abdulaziz, medical city is one of the leading hospitals in the Saudi Arabia. It has the capability to accommodate 690 patients, besides it has 132beds for admission of emergency cases and 25 beds are allocated to the surgical patients. The hospital has one of the best trauma centers in the country. It is equipped with specialized Burn Unit, Surgical ICU, Endoscopy Unit, Operating Rooms, and Neuro-Surgical and Surgical Units.  To reduce the extended stay in the hospital, King Abdulaziz, also provides home health care services. In the home health care service the patients are monitored properly and regular follow up is initiated. The hospital has fifteen different de partments which deal with various kinds of diseases and illness of patients. The departments are listed below   King Abdulaziz Cardiac Center   Department of Anesthesiology   Department of Emergency Medicine   Department of Dental Care   Intensive Care  Department   Department of Hepatobiliary Sciences and Liver Transplant     Long Term and Extended Care Center     Department of Medical Imaging   Department of Medicine   Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology   Department of Pediatrics   Department of Surgery   Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine   Department of Infection Prevention and Control   Department of Oncology   (Medical departments, n.d) The amount of actual cost involved in providing the heath service is not known to me in exact figures but the quality of service provided and its wide variety suggests that the cost range is on the higher side. If the staffs do have an idea behind the cost the hospital has to maintain in p roviding the service to the patients, it will definitely help the organization in the long run. The employees will also try to provide their best of efforts and the maintenance of the high cost equipments could be done in a much better way Topic 3: Often in organization, the management provides a variety of information and updates to the employees in a regular basis. Often the information provided to them is of no use or of little use. The results of these efforts from the management do lead

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