Thursday, September 19, 2019

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Tha Century / 100 Bars Deep Now This's Gonna Be Sticky.... I shapeshift monotonous mockeries into a metamorphisis of melodic monogamy... Im more morbid audibly, smear your extremities with catatonic embalment fluid.. Smoke you for the toxin release! My words constrict airholes until all oxygen is ceased... Kids is tryin to elevate they point of views by studying topography?! Ha! You god-awful emcees.... Watch true suns set across the horizon of your premises... I shadowbox with the reflection of an extra-terrestrial nemesis, to sharpen my depth perception! Intense ressurections of mental sections, to ascend beyond eleven tenths of perfection... I was born when the clock was confused and twelve fell into thirteen... From dusk to dawn my embryo's vitality radiated a pulsing kinetic energy... I disperse beams! 360 degrees of devastation, and six degrees of seperation.. Equals 60 emcees thats gon die from each gamma ray salivation... I still see 20/20 with a cycloptic chromosome, so all mimes manipulated by psionic overtones.. Are overthrown from the underworld overture, over your vocal tone... Undulation, running flows over oval opal stones! Spitting sinister cyclones! If your real or not, its your plot, life behind a twisted doorlock...Amongst wizardous warlocks! Wither in sweltering weather... Swelling cerebellums in cellars, swirling in pools of clorox! Potions pour from my incisors, and inject adrenalin inside words.. In sin curves and blind blurs, reminders of pioneers and rectangularly erected pine boards... The riddle was solved whence it was exposed for its awfulness... I dreamed of an eon long apocolypse, only to wake up and find i was revolving in it... Once i shed my body, its residue will vaporize into cumulonimbus stormclouds... While i study obelist physics, and calculate diabolical arithmetics... Im sicker then cancer victims spittin up tumorous appendiges, then lighting a cigarette.. My aesthetics are acrobatic, the accepted eclectic with savage epileptic habits.. I feed your asses mass laxatives, as to extract gastric acids when the gas passes... Flash flasks of the nastiest wrath, worse then moldy thermoses of birth water contaminate.. Splash that in your eyes and laugh as your sinus collapse, and the virus attacks rampant.. Half of yall are clowns, spiritually vacation bound.. Likely contestants for the neighborhood talent show consolation round.. I put headphones in penetentiaries the way i spit these bars.. Battle? im the head blitzkrieg czar.. I diss emcees hard, thats why bitches be sparse... I slaughter in psychotic spasms like a vicious retard... Visually unscarred... Everytime i kill a victim my ammunition is re-charged... Im rippin seams apart... You couldnt find a rhythm in your weak heart.. OMNI hoe, we reach stars... I was born with my ambillical attached to the sun, and energy has granted me a tongue.. I turn tornadoes twisting 180 degrees from their regular rotation.

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