Friday, September 27, 2019

Organizational Behavior as one of the Essential Elements of Management Essay - 1

Organizational Behavior as one of the Essential Elements of Management - Essay Example With both its internal and external aspects, motivation is instrumental to employees’ choices, level of input and persistence in applying efforts to a particular activity towards success. The recommendations on developing motivational theories are based on the assumption that existing theories are less effective in motivating employees. The first recommendation is an application of results from existing analyses in developing a basis for new theories. This is because while existing theories may have weaknesses and limitations, they may hold some level of validity and identified convergence of theories from Meta-analyses establishes the ground for their application in developing new theories. Another recommendation is an elimination of virtual boundaries in organizations that create barriers to sharing of resources and information. The elimination of boundaries should further be achieved, on developing theories, by not restricting theories to activities or departments. Further, indicator variables of general and particular motivation types should be understood. An understanding of the involved motivation is also necessary together with identification of the role of dynamism in human behavior. The article, therefore, establishes a new approach to developing motivational theories for an effective application (Locke and Latham, 2004). Hendry, Woodward, Bradley, and Perkins also identify the need for a change in understanding aspects of â€Å"reward and performance† (n.d., p. 1). They establish a new approach to understanding performance, its aspects, measurability, and approach to its improvement. The authors, for example, identify inefficiency in the traditional accounting approach to measuring performance. They also identify dynamism in the corporate world that has demonstrated the necessity of measuring performance as well as core principles for measurement. The  article also associates performance with employees’ capacity, relationships between employees and supervisors and different rewards approach.

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