Thursday, September 26, 2019

International Business- Culture Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 words

International Business- Culture - Essay Example For example; GlaxoSmithKline, a pharmaceutical giant has an intensive training program for managers and other employees in international assignments, which is better termed as AI (Wolper, 2004). The AI program has been strategically designed to ensure employees relocating to foreign countries are well aware of the new cultures; AI prepares them for any difficulties that would be encountered. The incentives are offered to encourage them to take the new assignments because; a research by Oudenhoven & De Boer (1995) observed that managers tend to have a stronger preference for doing business in countries with similar cultures to avoid such stresses of dealing with diverse cultures, which has been defined as a problem in current management of multinationals. The company has therefore to undergo an added cost to ensure such managers are motivated in taking their new assignments in such new environments. Language and aesthetics Language barriers in communication refer to the different lang uages and dialectics used in different countries and by different communities. ... er it refers to understanding the meaning of different symbolic behaviors by different people when communicating and how such symbolic meanings refer to which mostly is a challenge faced by managers in International business. Learning to communicate effectively and decoding symbolic communication in many cultures is necessary to enhance effective communication. Communication effectiveness depends on two aspects; high and low context communication (Schneider & Barsoux, 2002). High context communication implies that message will not require any background information, while in a low context communication , more information has to be given in the message for it to be effective (Schneider & Barsoux, 2002). Countries that exhibit more individualism as Hooker elaborates have low context communicant, while countries that exhibit collectivism have high context communication. In low context communication, the people will need signs and other images to remind them, or to communicate of a parti cular message, while in low context cultures, such is not required as individuals have values that enable them to assimilate such communication as a norm. Behavioral norms are more entrenched in such high context communication such that all are supposed to know and understand their norms to avoid breaking them and getting to the wrong side of the law. As explained earlier, Mexicans are a masculine society that finds more pleasure in saving face especially for a male employee. Direct confrontation with such people is therefore not appreciated; communication has to be in such a way that the individual will feel respected and save their face. Likewise Malays are a people who observe culture and exhibit high context communication. For example, using the left hand to give something or point

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