Sunday, September 22, 2019

Development of Heath Information Systems in Crete Case Study

Development of Heath Information Systems in Crete - Case Study Example Unfortunately, the system has received support from a few individuals as well as from a small number of both private and public health care providers. They few adopters of the NHS have installed some laboratory, administration and financial information system in their workstations. The private sector is the leading adopter of the new systems and networking in their various departments. The development of regional health information network in Crete has been commendable as compared to other regions in Greece. Crete has moved faster to enhance primary healthcare and embrace ICT in the integration of health care information in Greece. Therefore, it has been earmarked as a role model for other regions in the field of health care information integration as well as the adoption of ICT. Consequently, Crete has received support from various quarters to implement the regional health information network. The development in Crete has been attributed to Crete Tech.   Crete Tech is an ICT company established in 1984. The Crete Tech had a full-fledged research and development department that is fully equipped with personnel and equipment. Its vision is to integrate all healthcare service in Crete. Crete Tech has developed a strategy to roll out its services to the health providers. In 1997, it developed an objective of creating an integrated electronic health record whose purpose was to store and retrieve patients’ records in the seventeen primary health care centers in Crete. The system included the needs and interest of the general health practitioners who wanted to network in order to promote primary health care. Throughout the strategy, Crete Tech amassed enviable support from the general practitioners and moral support from government officials. However, it had no support from the Regional Health Authority (RHA).  

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