Thursday, September 26, 2019

Evaluating Fronties North Adventures Corporate Social Responsibility Research Paper

Evaluating Fronties North Adventures Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy - Research Paper Example This research will begin with the statement that Frontiers North Adventures is one of Canada’s most successful tourist's company. The company started in 1986 in northern Canada to provide Authentic Arctic Experiences. The company is a family owned, and it has over 30 years experience in Eco-tourism. The business’s clients have always felt satisfied with the arctic experience after using Frontier’s North Adventures. The company has collaborated with several international and national organizations to ensure that its commitment to sustainability and conservation policies adheres. In addition to this, a company has collaborated with Polar bear international to provide some of the best and breathtaking polar bear sightings while ensuring that the ecosystems in which this polar bear live in are not endangered. Frontiers North Adventures most famous adventurous tourist attractions include Northern Lights Viewing, Beluga Whale Watching, and Polar bear Experiences. The c ompany has successfully managed to operate in this tricky field for more than 30 years. The company has been named as one of the top three sustainable tourist operators in Canada because of its Corporate Social Responsibility. The company has been lauded nationally for its programs involving Sustainability. The company has also been recognized for its work and has won a number of awards including, SKAL International’s 2009 Ecotourism Award, Travel Manitoba’s Sustainable Tourism Award, and several other Ecotourism Awards both Nationally and Internationally. Frontiers North Adventures provides exciting wildlife packages in Northern Canada. The goal of Frontiers North is to deliver to their guests a value worth wildlife familiarity in a responsible and an ecologically friendly manner. The company not only inspires visitors to view and learn about local wildlife but to also learn about the antiquity and culture of the North Canadian society. Frontiers North Adventure is de voted to social, environmental, and ethical accountability in order to uphold the well-being of visitors, the local public, and the ecosystem in which they run.

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