Sunday, October 6, 2019

Travel guidebook Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Travel guidebook - Essay Example The cafà © is widely touted as an area attraction for anyone visiting and there is evidence in the area of significant care and upkeep, such as in the cleanliness of the street and the good condition of the building next door. The purple paint used to decorate the small shop next to the cafà © begins to highlight the flavor of the subculture of this area as well. At the same time, though, there is also evidence of the negative elements suggested in Fisher’s descriptive. Immediately noticing the purple paint of the small shop, it is then noticed that this shop is a pawn shop and from here, it cannot help but be noticed that some of the upper windows in the cafà © are boarded up rather than repaired. Bixton’s strange combination of run-down and maintained, popular and depressed and strong multicultural mix in sights sounds and smells is compelling and requires experiencing to truly appreciate in its complexity. According to Panikos Panayi, the area of London known as Harnegey in the northern section has been a strong magnet for people of Asian descent as well as numerous other minority groups. Like the Italian cafà © found in Bixton, this Chinese community center is found in a building that is much more reminiscent of London’s British past. There are none of the traditional Chinese embellishments provided to help adorn this building, such as the necessary upturned roof awnings that are important to Chinese beliefs regarding luck and the spirits. The only exterior indication of space as a center of cultural identity is found in the Chinese characters written horizontally, rather than the traditional vertical, across the front face of the building. However, some of these elements seem to be evident in the building reflected from across the street. This is particularly true in the yellow structure. The brilliant shade of this

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