Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Project Management Research Proposal Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Project Management - Research Proposal Example However, the constructions of infrastructure projects are always encroached with project delays and increased costs. These projects rarely go to completion as a result of these project delays and increased costs. Infrastructure construction projects worldwide have been reported to encounter delays and increased costs. Stakeholders normally have an input into these delays and increased costs. The most common reason for project delays and cost overrun is design errors (Ambituuni, 2011). Project designs play an important role as it serves to achieve good technical input to aid in execution of the project. Errors in project design caused by the project owners and contractors means that there will be wrong or insufficient application of techniques thus achieving no results. Suppliers of materials also cause project delay and increased costs through late delivery of construction materials to the construction site. Late delivery can be attributed to shortage or unavailability of these mater ials in the market. Employees that work in the construction projects do not have the necessary skills that are suitable for the job. Shortage of skilled labour leads to substandard work which in turn contributes to project delays and increased costs (Kikwasi, 2012). Government actions or legislations sometimes cause delays in obtaining permit from the relevant authorities; discrepancies between design specification and building code contribute to project delays and increased costs (Fugar & Agyakwah- Baah, 2010). Infrastructure construction projects in the Transport for London is important in promoting national economic growth and competitiveness. In my opinion, effective transport system enables people to access essential services such as healthcare, education, travelling to employment places and the transportation and selling of goods. A country’s effective transport system ultimately leads to improved social development and economic growth. The construction sector plays an important role in the London economy as it generates a good percentage of the Gross Domestic Product and also in job creation. The construction sector is a major consumer of intermediate products such as raw materials, chemicals, electrical and electronic equipment among other related services. Transport for London construction sector could contribute to the creation of employment opportunities through extension of activities in areas such as renovation of buildings while also playing an important role in the delivery of Europe 2020 strategy on smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The construction industry provides job seekers with extensive career opportunities with growth being projected from laborers to construction managers. The construction industry has also demonstrated a strong commitment to workforce development in that the key stakeholders including employers, trade associations and labor-management organizations are heavily involved in the apprenticeship programs. Thes e programs ensure that employees have the necessary

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