Saturday, October 5, 2019

Multiculturalism issues and economic-based solutions Essay

Multiculturalism issues and economic-based solutions - Essay Example It was expected that the global economic extension will bring stability and development in the local markets. But the result is entirely reverse and critics are viewing the globalization as another form of colonial imperialism. Political instability due to corrupt leaders, lack of proper infrastructure favorable to rich countries causes brain drain from less privileged countries. Immigration is the leading issue in rich countries who are reviewing their existing laws to make it difficult for inter-state migration. Also for those who have already migrated to one of the countries with better prospects, the hosts will have to initiate programs to adjust such individuals without disturbing the existing coherence in the society. Immigration is causing another issue of individual and organized racism against settlers. Educational, economical, social, and political racism has plagued the idea of equality in different communities across the globe. Goldring argues that civil forces and campai gns can bring a positive change through community rebuilding based upon justice, equality, freedom, tolerance, mutual respect, and basic human rights that guarantees one’s participation in the process of decision–making in social, economic and political life.

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