Friday, August 23, 2019

John F. Kennedy's Presidency And How His Family Influenced Him as Research Paper

John F. Kennedy's Presidency And How His Family Influenced Him as Person And President - Research Paper Example Kennedy’s family was a businessman of great success. As a successful businessman, Joseph sponsored many political office holders, including President Roosevelt who appointed him the chairman of the American Security Exchange as well as the Ambassador to Great Britain from 1937 – 1940. It was during his political career that he prepared his children to take over the American political terrain (J. F. Kennedy). Kennedy attended the prestigious Harvard University, America, and graduated with a degree in science. He later published a work which he titled â€Å"why England Slept†, a book he published in 1940. The theme of the book was about foreign policy. He later joined the American Navy in 1941, and rose to the rank of an intelligence officer. He suffered from series of set backs and sicknesses among which was the acute pains he suffered on his back. This led to the operation of the back, and he was elevated in the military to the rank of a lieutenant general. He la ter resigned from the army and joined the civilian life. As a civilian, he practiced various professions. He was once a journalist, and within the confine of this noble profession, he covered the British election of 1945 as well as the United Nations conference held in San Francisco. His journalistic profession really shaped him for his political career. He later made up his mind and decided to shape history rather than reporting those who shape history (Dallek). His journey to politics: John Kennedy’s political career was shaped by his father who prepared his children for the political office. His father was preparing Joseph Kennedy Jnr to take over the political dynasty of the Kennedys. His unfortunate death as a result of the Second World War bomb... John Kennedy was morally inept, and as a result, he delved into many sexual activities with his numerous mistresses. From all the analysis gathered through the research, certain deductions could be made about the life of John Kennedy, both before his ascendency to the presidential throne as well as his life as the president of America; that his entire life cannot be fully separated from the entire family. This could be seen as a result of the strong family cult which the father, Joseph Patrick Kennedy built; a cult that saw to the political rise of the Kennedys. Even though the scope of this assignment is limited to John Kennedy and how his family influenced his life both as an individual person as well as the president of the United States of America, it could be recalled that such an influence was not felt by him alone. Rather, his entire siblings experienced such a powerful influence, which saw to the emergence of three senators from the family, namely; John Kennedy, Robert Kenned y, and Edward Kennedy. Both were senators, both only John Kennedy, the eldest surviving son of his parents made it to the presidency. This paper makes a conclusion that the role which their father played cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Hence, it is very important to point out that the success of John Kennedy cannot come to the limelight without the political and financial strength of his father, who used every connection within his power to secure a seat for his son in the American presidency.

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