Thursday, August 15, 2019

Est Task 2 – Ethics Program

Midwest Non Profit Consulting Group Ethics Program A. Develop an appropriate standards and procedures section, such as a code of ethics. PREAMBLE Midwest Non Profit Consulting Group (MNPCG) will  provide management consulting services to nonprofit organizations with a strong commitment to providing a public service. Our client base works hard to improve the quality of life for all people in communities across the state of Minnesota.As a nation leader in non-profit organization groups, Minnesota and it's people have high standards we must adhere to. We must serve these organizations with honesty, and maintain the integrity of each organization providing them with impartiality, fairness, and remain dedicated to their welfare as they are providing safety and welfare to the people they serve. Our service to each organization is a direct reflection of their values and goals and these are tied very closely with public perception of each group.As we help increase awareness for causes that we are associated with, we must acknowledge that each organization is under the direct support of the government in the form of grants, contracts and tax laws, foundations, corporations, small businesses, individual gifts and donations as well as the general public. This high level approach to servicing our clients will ensure solid integrity and accountability for the work we do. CODEAll MNPCG Leadership, Managers, Certified Professionals, Legal, Staff and Contract Personel (referred in the code as â€Å"member†) are required to adhere to this entire code for both the betterment of everyone in this organization as well as our clients and the people they serve. – Every MNPCG member will at all times follow these principles: integrity, objectivity, commitment – Regard for the safety and welfare of the general public is our number one goal, and all consulting must hold this in regard when revealing methods to client. Members will secure confidentiality of the cli ent by keeping all information acquired through credible data collection practices, on secured storage devices. – Professional skill level must be taken into account on each and every task you will perform. If your are given a task beyond the scope of your knowledge it is required that you consult with MNPCG management to delegate such task. – Members with work daily to better this organization and uphold it's integrity – Every member will display confidence in the work they do and hold high, the credibility of MNPCG without dispute. Will hold professional certification and display such certification – Shall carry themselves with dignity and good character, with high reputable standard – A member must acquire all documentation in a legal manner, as to be able to produce such documentation upon audit. – Under no circumstance will member provide false or incomplete documentation to requesting parties as to reduce the credibility of MNPCG †“ Honesty in reporting is a fundamental value to all members working for and associated with MNPCG.Under no circumstance shall members act in ways in which false information is transferred or implied by an associated party. – Any act that is illegal under any terms will never be justified as a way in which MNPCG should act. Passion over legal matters will not be acceptable behaviors. – All members are required to report any questionable circumstances which job capacity doesn't provide the appropriate action or response. MNPCG has staff legal experts for these situations, use them.All of the above mentioned principles or rules apply not only to MNPCG employees but also applies to any transactions, or actions through which a partner, director, staff, or any other acting stakeholder performs under direction of MNPCG. COMPLIANCE AND EDUCATION MNPCG management supports all efforts of members to apply the principles of the CODE through training and technical assistance pro vided by MNPCG. Support of members also applies to those who self-regulate and offer modification requests based on continuos improvement efforts which may amend previous statements of CODE.Adherance to CODE and training are both one in the same in relation to compliance and education, or training: – All new members of MNPCG will be given formal training on this CODE during their first week of employment. – Training will be given in the form of two total training sessions of 2 hours each. – Management will give the first training session of 2 hours, to go through the document and visit situations where non-compliance has happened in the past and how to work through such circumstances. The employee is encouraged to discuss and concerns with management as to allow for training where needed. After the 2 hour session with management within 2 days Human Resources will meet and train to the â€Å"big picure† of what the CODE means. This will include describing disciplinary actions due to non-compliance of the CODE as well as other human resource materials. – Upon completing both 2 hour sessions, the employee will be required to apply their signature to a copy of the MNPCG code of ethics, stating they will comply to all principles included above. This will get filed with all other employee documentation and become record. COMPLIANCE AND MONITORING MNPCG management is required to formally review this CODE of ethics annually. – MNPCG management will submit any request for changes to CODE no later than 10 days after one year annual review was last completed. This gives time for any inquires to be presented and responded to is conflict of interest or societal changes have occurred and need to be amended to the CODE. – All submissions of amendment requires must be sent to both MNPCG Leadership and Directors for review. No later than 10 days will the request be approved or denied. This organization is strengthened from conti nuous education and should annually revisit the codes in the form of auditing. This is to determine whether compliance is feasible and should be required. The changing climate which the world of non-profits resides in, may allow for additional codes or modifications based on societal changes. – During annual evaluation and audit of the MNPCG code of ethics Leadership will make sure that all members are given the required skills and experience for carrying out all duty that are required of them.By audit, each organization MNPCG serves will be stronger that all member comply. – Possible conflict of interest can surface and be resolved before damage is done with regards to client relationships. – Provides revised and updated policies on an annual basis from which Human Resource can pull information from during hiring, terminating and performance evaluation periods. – Provides a â€Å"source-of-truth† for all ethical standards of MNPCG. – After each audit, Leadership is required to provide any updates to Human Resources so that the CODE can be updated and posted to the company website for publication.COMPLIANCE AND REVIEW -MNPCG belongs to the National Institute of Non-Profit Consulting Firms which in accordance with government regulations, requires a formal review of ethics programs for all it's members on a rotating 3 year cycle based on member enrollment. – 3 year rotating cycle means that as membership allows, ethics programs reviews are done by sharing the responsibility of review with the members. NINPCF will review each member every 3 years and each member will in-turn review every year one member's ethic program. Non-profit organizations must comply with federal regulations on such a strict basis that this schedule reflects the integrity of the association. – Each member is bound to serving society by being committed to delivering 100% Honesty, Integrity and Compliance to the organizations they serve. This review process allows for strict monitoring of values set forth. – Upon completion of all reviews, NINPCF delivers a comprehensive report to all members as well as government non-profit oversight committees as a proactive approach to future requirements of these committees and the agencies they direct.

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