Thursday, August 8, 2019

Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 22

Assignment Example Mr. McLeod, new general manager of All-Asia Paper (AAP) Company must develop ways of dealing with corruption to increase productivity of the company and save lives of company workers. Key alternatives: Mr. McLeod can introduce professional ethics in the company and ensure that all workers adhere to it. Mr. McLeod can refuse to give bribes and let the government and company officials carry out their threats. In the end, it is cheaper to pay a fine and learn to put things straight than live under the thorns of threats, intimidations and blackmails that will lower efficiency and quality of services. Mr. McLeod can resign if Goh (company owner) fail to support him fight the vice that makes the company perform below par and lose million of dollars. Analysis: The Company is performing below expectations as it produces 21,500 tonnes instead of 43,000 tonnes of pulp. Over ten workers have died within eight months for failing to put on protective clothing. The company is about to loose thousands of dollars in bribes to a government safety and health inspector so as not to have a bad report on the faulty outlet pipe and poor working conditions in the company. Government officials and some company employees use threats, blackmails and frauds to induce company officials to give bribes. Finally, Mr. McLeod knows that some threats of safety and health official is non-factual and may be of little significance if implemented. Decision: Mr. McLeod is angry and worried about the corruption levels in Asia. This is impediment to excellent performance and profitable growth of AAP. He decides to introduce professional ethics and provide necessary skills needed by all workers to do their jobs adequately and reduce work related hazards. Action Plan: Mr. McLeod instructs the human resources department to develop curriculum for training all employees. The curriculum shall cover all job specifications, ethics as well as health

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